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ructure here. The set-up process for registering a new compa▓ny takes a shorter time than in Israel.Y

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tment gaps ▓that can lead to misunderstandings and potentially broken contracts in China.A good solution for Israeli firms to enter the Asian powerhouse would be to sign up with a Chinese company from a related industry on joint ventures. Utilizing localized manag▓e

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rial skills remain essential for success and harmony in the country.Most importantly, they▓ should develop a network of relationships that could form potential ▓Chinese partnerships. Nonetheless, adapting to

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local customs can be re▓warding, since that could lead to better cooperati▓on and opportunities.China-Israel trade accelerates to full-speed ▓aheadTotal trade between China and Israel stood at over US$15

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operations in China that hav e led to mergers, such a▓s in 2014 when China-based C trip acquired Israeli-owned Travelfusion Ltd.Bridgi▓ng cultural investment gapsFor Israeli hi-tech firms hoping▓ to set up shops in the Asia-Pacific reg ion, China offers plenty of benefits, bu
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